November Home Sales:

2011 vs. 2010
   In Weimar/Colfax, we can dare to declare “stability!” This November, the following stats varied by only 3% compared to November 2010:
    55 homes were on the market, and eight sold. The average sale price was $192,000 (just 87% of the original asking price). 
    This year, the sold homes were bigger: the price/square foot dropped from $120/ft. to $107/ft., but November was an anomaly in his regard; the overall price trend isn’t quite so severe.
    The best news for sellers:  November 2011 ended with 12 homes in “pending sale” status, as opposed to just four in November 2010. That’s a clear, strong sign of increased demand. Let’s hope all th ose hoped-for sales are successful!
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