Sadly, your home failed to sell.  Your disappointment is very, very real.
What happens next? The mail brings a cheery postcard from yet another real-estate agent, adding insult to your injury.
ONLY if your home is no longer it time for a “second opinion?” I'm offering to conduct a compassionate Failure Analysis for you . . . with no strings attached.
When big plans and ambitious efforts fall apart in business or industry, they naturally call for a Failure Analysis.  What about in our personal and financial lives?  A major failure can force us to call in a trusted professional…. perhaps we turn to our attorney, accountant, therapist or physician.  In other cases, we call a tree surgeon, a roofer or a plumber!
Do you still need to sell your home?  If you haven’t yet hired (or re-hired) a Realtor, why not ask for a qualified second opinion?
I'll ask you to answer a few five minutes or e-mail.  These powerful questions are based on 16 years of innovation and proven success, selling some of the toughest homes, in the toughest markets!  With your answers and my experience, I'll analyze your property and the past attempt(s) to sell, and recommend a winning strategy for next time.
It doesn't matter who coined the phrase, “WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW COULD KILL YOU.”  If a home-seller doesn't know WHY their home didn't sell, they could be doomed to endure the same pain again.
Many of my clients came to me after exactly this kind of headache...and I got the job done.
Drop me a line with your property address or expired MLS number. You'll receive a short "Failure Analysis Intake Form,” with less than 5 minutes of questions. Then, give me 48 hours to consider your comments, research the facts about your home...and send you the analysis.
These findings will come with a personalized "Sell it Next Time" strategy that will improve your odds of success, regardless of whom you hire as your next Realtor®!  I'll also suggest how you can interview your next Realtor.
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