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Check out Fixer Uppers, listed by a variety of Realtors; the "Fixer-Upper" link takes you to many of the Fixers and "Investor Specials" listed in our area.


I find more properties like this often - - - some are new listings, but others fall out of escrow & return to the market. Some come to my attention only when I review their deeper details, perhaps awhile after they first came on the market.


This list shows properties that are in "Active" and available status, but it ALSO shows some some fixers are in "Pending Sale"  status... let me know if one of those homes piques your curiosity.


While you're here, you might enjoy the "Fixer-Upper Aptitude Test!"


Let me know if you'd like details about any of these properties . . . or tell me if you need YOURS to appear in this list! Call me for enthusiastic (but low-pressure) help whenever a question arises.